There are no columns, recesses or distributions too complex for us. We customize to the smallest detail needed.


We offer a wide range of storage systems to optimize capacity and organization.


We only work with the best quality and enviromentally friendly materials.

Infinite design and technical solutions that will inspire you to create your own personal living space.

Kuchenalia started by closely observing the increasing popularity of European lifestyle trends in the United States. Together with the desire to manifest and promote contemporary design, the concept of Kuchenalia’s modern home cabinetry was created. Our cabinets are completely resilient in measure, finish, color, and are adaptable to the unique tastes and preferences of our clients.

With over 60 years of experience and presence in nine countries, Logos-Kallmar has partnered exclusively with Kuchenalia to offer such fashionable "Cooking & Living" solutions, that a special bond begins to develop between yourself and the space of your dreams.

All our products are comprised of the utmost technologically advanced manufacturing practices, environmentally friendly materials, and steadfast commitment to quality. Our name achieves profound customer satisfaction by furnishing branded home products and services that encompass the finest and highest quality. This mission continues to strive today along with our vision to become the optimal customer’s choice for fine handcrafted European cabinetry.

Kuchenalia invites you to visit our showroom or contact us. We openly welcome our future customers to allow us the opportunity to reveal infinite design and technical solutions that will inspire you to create your own personal living space.

Taste the difference between dreaming the impossible and making it possible.

The space set aside for cooking is the focal point of the home and a place for conversations, meetings, and celebrations. We are all different in our tastes, ways of life, personalities, family, jobs, and friends. That is why each individual, couple or family needs their own space and their own kitchen.

We tailor-make our cabinets to create alluring, sophisticated and functional spaces for everyday living.


We are aware of the environmental situation of earth and we strive to take care of the earth and its resources. Therefore, all of our suppliers are internationally well-know and they all comply with the most demanding international quality standards.